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Sotomayor Confirmation Hearing – Are the White Boys Kidding?

The Rebulican “white boys” vs a qualified woman.


Only Trash Litters

Where is the Littler God in the South?

Guns In Bars Part Duh.

Guns don’t kill people, PURSES kill people (or, at least, wing ’em).

What’s With South Carolina?

Racism, ignorance, sex, and Darwin served up Republican Southern Style.

My Rights, Your Rights, We All Scream For Our Rights

Rights and wrongs?

Guns In Church in Kentucky!

Guns welcome at service in KY.

We Blame It On The Government Here in the South

Core rural Southern feelings of alienation served up with Sunday dinner (supper).

Guns in Bars in Tennessee

  Yikes! CalCal just contributed to a few blogs! “Magnolia” and I believe that if you aren’t scaring your self you aren’t living. I have starting finding some blogs (right now, just in “progressive” TN) that express the same disgust at the ballyhoo from those who MUST carry their guns into bars, cafes, parks, etc.  […]

Bristol Palin From the Mountain Top

Palin unintentional glamorizing of teen unwed mothers resonates in the South.

Between a Ghost and a Liberal, The South Will Choose a Ghost – Part 1

The dead are more welcome in my South than gays, environmentalists, liberals, and most Blacks.  They even occupy chairs.  I was new to the family when my husband, “Boline” (his favorite joke name), brought me to visit his maiden aunts. We were there to attend the coronation of his socialite cousin from “the other side […]