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Soul sisters – Left coast transplant & “girl from ’round here” share their views of politics, culture and local color in The South. Disclaimer: We can say anything we want if we start with “I don’t mean any harm” and end with “bless her heart.”

Southern Summer Bounty Pesto

Save Southern summer bounties for winter use. Pesto is your friend.


Sotomayor Confirmation Hearing – Are the White Boys Kidding?

The Rebulican “white boys” vs a qualified woman.

Ham Salad Spread – Mom’s Style

Summer sandwiches – Ham Salad Spread rules

Only Trash Litters

Where is the Littler God in the South?

Guns In Bars Part Duh.

Guns don’t kill people, PURSES kill people (or, at least, wing ’em).

La Palin and That Magic Twisted Republican Logic

Gov. Sarah Palin’s textbook Republican twisted logic.

Lavender “Water” Tennessee Style

There is more to this Tennessee Lavender Water than meets the eye.

Chocolate on Which We Can All Agree

See’s candy is Survival Gear in any economy.

Roasted Green Beans

There are Southern Green Beans and Northern Green Beans – Southern green beans are slow-cooked with pork for hours and hours and are truly wonderful.  Northern green beans are those bright green ones that crunch when you bite down on them.  I’m not so fond of those. And there are roasted green beans which are […]

What’s With South Carolina?

Racism, ignorance, sex, and Darwin served up Republican Southern Style.